Friday, February 5, 2010

3.3.2 - Season 8 Begins

Sorry for the long delay between posts, I've been a bit busy lately and only logged into WoW a few times during the 2 week downtime between arena seasons. I've spent a lot of time playing Quake Live
, my other main game that I play. My 120Hz LCD has re-lit my interest in the game as it is so nice to play at 120Hz refresh again.

On Tuesday I found some guy selling really cheap epic gems, after I offered to buy them all out, he started offering me other stuff too. This is something I've seen before. I'm not sure if he keylogged someones account and was unloading his inventory or what. The broken English and variety of items he was selling for cheap led me to believe that though. Either way, I managed to pickup 135 Frost Lotus, tons of epic gems, Arctic Fur, enchanting mats, 5 Nobles cards (at 125g each) and much more at about 1/2 the market price. After all was said and done I spent about 45k gold, but it only took me 2 days to recoup that and now I still have a ton of inventory leftover. I should move over 270k in the next few days, as long as I don't spend too much in the GDKP coming up tonight. There's only a few select items that I really want (Deathbringer's Will, Might of Blight).

I haven't been keeping a close watch on the market lately since my break and it's shocking how a few things changed. Frost Lotus is up to 70g each and flasks are around 45-50g now. I'm not sure what happened to the supply, did a bunch of farmers get banned? Regular herbs haven't changed much in price, just Frost Lotus. Infinite Dust is down to 1g each or less, wow! The scroll market is still pretty decent, scroll prices haven't nosedived quite as much as the materials have, so that's good. The Jewelcrafting and Inscription markets haven't changed much, prices and competition in those two markets remain pretty much the same.

Primordial Saronite is dropping in price due to less demand and increased supply from ICC now being completely unlocked, as well as the ICC10 mini-weekly. now being available The quest reward for this new weekly is 5 frost badges and a random other item, it can be an epic gem or two or an ICC BOE! I'm assuming there will be a lot more ilvl 264 BOEs on the market so I would recommend unloading them now, as well as Primordial Saronite before the inevitable price drops.

With the new Arena season comes a new honor grind, as does every season. I was honor capped on both characters and I had 100 of every mark, but I still need some honor! Blizzard went and took off the rating requirement for most of the newest offset gear, but increased the price by about 10%. This means I still had about 100k to grind out to get the last two pieces after doing 100 turn-ins and the WG weeklies!

My Hunter friend and I that I play 3's with decided to do 2s as DK/Hunter just to get to 1400 rating so we could buy the belt and boots. As it turns out this comp actually legit! Our MMR started at around 1800 because he has never done 2s, so he has a 0 MMR in 2s, only 3s and 5s and my MMR was around 2500 so it evened it out. We ended up going 50-15 or so and moved from 1800 to 2400 MMR. Our team rating shot up from 0 to 1900 in the process really quickly. It's a fun and unconventional double DPS comp that involves destroying healers more th. The only comp that seems to really counter us are Holy Pally/Warrior. We'll keep at it though and I'll probably stream some the next time we play.

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